Who are the individuals who comprise the Board of Directors of Chicago Lying-in Hospital? The directors whose names are listed here have much in common, but they are uniquely different as well. Mostly, they share a commitment to advance the high-quality medical and personal care that is offered day after day at Chicago Lying-in Hospital.

Board directors are diverse in several respects. Some are young, establishing themselves in work they love. Some have retired from professions to which they happily devoted many years of their lives. Some also volunteer in other important associations or continue to be active in their professional fields. Some have various connections to the University of Chicago.

Board directors come from the Hyde Park neighborhood, the city, and the suburbs. Many are mothers who delivered their babies at Chicago Lying-in Hospital. They all seek to volunteer their time, energies and resources to benefit others. To learn more about the Board of Directors, simply let us know you’re interested. Our e-mail address is: cliboardmanager@gmail.com

Active Directors

  • Karin Bodenhagen
  • Katy Burno
  • Rosemary A. Caruk
  • Rose B. Dyrud
  • Nancy DeLee Frank
  • Margot Haselkorn
  • Kathleen Gould Hayes
  • Susan Hull
  • Judy T. Lindsey
  • Gail Pinc McClain
  • Domenica Moroney
  • Miriam Moroney
  • Mary U. Phemister
  • Carol Randel
  • Virginia Lee Stigler
  • Karen Stitsworth
  • Janet E. Surkin
  • Jenny L. Whitlock

Sustaining Directors

  • Joanna Amick
  • Emily Huggins Fine
  • Denise E. Moossa
  • Charlene Posner
  • Susan Pritzker
  • Pearl Rieger
  • Linda Roberts
  • Barbara Schweizer
  • Nan C. Smith
  • Elizabeth Sonnenschein
  • Candace Sutfin

Honorary Directors

  • Anne Marcus Hamada
  • Marilynn S. James